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​​Lecturer in Old and New Testament 
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-Are You a Christian or a Disciple?
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-The Amazing Love of Paul's Model Church
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Renewal of Biblical Discipleship (RBD)
video series
This 4 minute video introduces the whole world of New Testament discipleship

For Christians wondering:

  • Why isn't my Christian life/ministry working?
  • What did a NT disciples look like?
  • Are there any disciples TODAY bearing great fruit?
  • What did JESUS mean when He said: Go and make disciples!
  • How can my declining church be saved and renewed?
This is Discipleship
animated video clip

JOIN the global REVOLUTION and start experiencing
the POWER of God

WATCH this! Take less than 2 minutes and get ready for your life to be changed. Reaching whole NATIONS is possible, but NOT in the ways typically tried by today's Christians. Our life is devoted to helping YOU follow Jesus today and to help your receptive friends do the same--in the power of the Holy Spirit of God. When finished, don't wait. Contact us.
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  2. 15 OCT
    Ed Gross - Preaching
    Hope PCA 2331 Old Chatham Rd Martinsville, VA Rev. David Gilleran, Pastor
  3. 22 OCT
    Ed Gross - Preaching Missions Sunday
    New Life Bible Fellowship Church Oley, PA Rev. Jim MacArthur, Pastor
  4. 24-30 OCT
    Ed Gross - Preaching and Teaching
    Athens, Greece Host - Rev. Philip Kirkland
  5. 31 OCT
    Ed Gross - Traveling
    To Johannesburg, South Africa Host - Mr. Dawier Mulder
  6. 5 NOV
    Ed Gross - Preaching
    Presbyterian Church Laudium, South Africa Rev Dr Victor Pillay, Pastor
  7. 9-18 NOV
    Ed Gross - Preaching, Teaching & RBDs
    Ndola, Zambia Rev David Ng'ona, Rev Chilekwa Mulenga, Hosts
  8. 19 NOV
    Ed Gross - Preaching
    South Africa
  9. 20 NOV
    Ed Gross - Traveling to USA
Philadelphia and USA

WHO? For mission agencies, key urban churches and their leaders

WHAT? Experiencing renewal

WHEN? By hosting a 1-2 day RBD at a team or church retreat and responding to Christ's call "follow Me" in all areas of personal life and ministry

WHERE? We come for FREE to you on our way to or from AFRICA

WHY? Missionaries and pastors cannot make disciples UNTIL they learn what "disciple" meant to Jesus. Sacrifice, sincerity and devotion cannot take the place of doing what Jesus said to do. 
WHO? For churches, pastors and individual Christians

WHAT? Experiencing renewal

WHEN? When attending our RBD series, and its training in DBS and DMM Prayer

WHERE? We come to you, even flying to your city for FREE. Or we host you in our homes for 1-2 full day trainings for FREE.
Or leaders come to us in Philadelphia and we host you for 1-2 days in our home fpor FREE

WHY? The Great Commission cannot be fulfilled where NT discipleship is not understood and followed because the single command of the GC is "make disciples!" Making Christians is different from making disciples.
WHO? For pastors and leaders who are willing to work with other churches for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom in their cities and nations

WHAT? Experiencing renewal

WHEN? By hosting Ed for a 1-5 day RBD and by obeying Christ's commands in place of all other strategies

WHERE? We fly for FREE to your city but need you to provide food and housing in an adequate, safe home or other lodging

WHY? Western strategies are failing as they have largely NOT led to the making of disciples who make disciples.